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The Roaring 20’s…

So what are you doing for New Years Eve? More importantly what are you wearing New Years Eve?!

My favourite theme for New Years Eve is the ‘Roaring 20’s’… and the outfit is the 1920’s Flapper.

I find this era fascinating, especially the women and the fashions of this time. Women had redefined modern womanhood and defied the normalcy of their time. With this, the Flapper was born, a confident breed of women that broke away from traditions, were dancing at jazz clubs, driving, smoking, drinking,  flirting casually and generally enjoying their new self acclaimed freedom.

I like the fashion and style of this era, not just for its glamour but for the women’s liberation from social norms that it represents. The strikingly short wavy hair, strings of pearls and jewels, large feather hair pieces, heavily beaded dresses and the bold and vampy make-up. There is something about the look that was so decorated and over the top that made the women so expressive, commanding and almost intimidating for their time which all serve their desire to make a statement and show the world (the men) their defiance.The Flapper is iconic, and we love her!

French Connection Winter Bex Beads Dress – Black £92.50

French Connection Winter Bex Beads Dress – Nude £92.50

Vintage Flapper dress style at Gucci Spring Summer 2012 Collection

New Look Vintage Lace Headband £14.99

New Look Feather Necklace £7.00

New Look Large Pyramid Stone Bracelet £4.99

Kaliko Black Flapper Dress £84

Miss Selfridge Nude embellished flapper dress £70.00

Topshop Knitted Gold Beaded Dress £50.00

Oasis Chain Fringe Deco Necklace £5

Accessorize Beth Beaded Band £12

Back seams tights are a saucy modern addition to the vintage flapper look. Wolford, Trasparenze and Pretty Polly are good brands for seamed tights.


The Great Gatsby Movie

The Great Gatsby film is being remade by Baz Luhrmann (Austrailia / Romeo & Juliet) starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan and Toby Maguire. An all-star cast and an amazing director, its set for 2012 – I cannot wait!

300 Greatest Swing Era Songs List


1920’s Radio 24/7

An online radio network dedicated to 1920’s music – 24/7 online streaming of big band, blues, jazz 1920’s music. LOVE! (Perfect for your 1920’s parties)

I’ll be entering 2012 as a Flapper girl for sure


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